The Boss GT8 Editor!!!!!

For guitarist who are using GT8 .. this is very Important and useful tool to edit patches ..

The GT8 Editor is a fantastic piece of software written by MrSleepy. This program is a PC based program which allows users to exploit their GT8’s and introduce the ability to upload and download patch files in their native sysex format. These fiels are very useful when it comes to backing up your patch library or sharing fiels with others.

What you will need to use this software is a couple of midi cables and a PC based midi device. There are many out there to choose from. Some are USB. Some are PCI; while others are integrated into soundcards.

Get active and enhance your GT8 experience today!

To download this software, click on the picture Below.

~ by mentaladvisory on March 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Boss GT8 Editor!!!!!”

  1. pu reuben i dam thin maw??? Delhi ah ila awm em

  2. Hi, im very new to this can you tell me exactly how i hook up the gt8 to my PC and upload and edit files please?
    sorry if i seem dim but its my first foray into this editi9ng

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